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If you need your TV removed with extra care and excellent customer service, you’ve come to the right place. At Handy Andy, we provide superior TV removal services to the city of Houston, Texas, as well as Denver, Colorado. Our team of professionally trained workers have a vast amount of technical experience and are known for efficiently removing TV from complex settings without damage. Whether your TV is above a fireplace, mounted outside by the pool, or in your business high on the wall, we can handle it with premium protection. And afterward, your home or business walls will be in the same shape as before.

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Each and every employee receives extensive training and certifications ensuring they are the best technicians in the industry.


It's not just skill and pricing that makes a quality business. We also care about you. We mean that. We treat every customer like our only customer.

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All our technicians wear masks the entire time they are in your house. We respect your home like it's our own.

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Feel free to check our reviews. We are rated 5 Stars on every platform. We truly do believe in quality.

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We only use high quality parts. Rest assured, we come prepared with only the best.

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We are open 7 days a week 8am-8pm.

Keeping your walls & surfaces intact

Removing a TV can be overwhelming, and you may be curious where to even start. We can take all the pressure off you and do a perfect job. At Handy Andy, we understand that each job requires a different amount of labor and time spent on removal. Regardless of the location and size of the TV, we are here to satisfy your unique individual needs. When utilizing our TV removal services, we can guarantee you will receive personalized attention along with a quick removal. We take pride in our flexibility to respond quickly to any job that comes our way. We are open seven days a week to accommodate for urgent TV removals because we understand our customers have busy schedules.

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There is nothing more important to us than our customers. That’s why we want to make sure you can trust professionals like us and are completely satisfied when the job is completed. We also want to make it as simple as possible for you to schedule an appointment; simply call or send a booking request, and we will take care of the rest. For more info or any further questions regarding our TV removal services in Houston, Texas, and Denver, Colorado, please feel free to reach out at (713) 876-9032 or email us at [email protected]