Commercial TV Mounting

Here’s what you need to know before installing TVs in your business


There are several reasons you should carefully consider the size of the TV you install at your business. 

  1. Determining if you need a smart TV. 
  2. The number of TVs you will need for your business.
  3. Determining what connections you need for your TV, including cable box, Raspberry Pi, DVD player, or game system.
  4. The way your TVs are mounted in your business.
  5. What kind of TV mounting bracket do I need for my installation?
  6. A trusted method to finding a commercial TV mounting installation company

Don’t worry. We will take each one step at a time. 

Determining if you need a smart TV.

 Let’s determine if you’ll need a smart TV for your business or not. First, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions. What is your goal with this TV/TVs? Are you looking to entertain guests or create a TV menu? Will you need to connect to apps like Netflix or Hulu?

 If you plan on running apps like Netflix, you will need a smart TV. However, you could use a Roku, but this will need to be set up and additional hardware to purchase. It’s not always cheaper to use a non-smart TV and buy a Roku. Also, having a smart TV will simplify the installation and setup cost. 

 If you do not plan on running apps, then a non-smart TV may be best. You can use a raspberry pi, cable, or other hardware to produce screens images, like a menu. 

The number of TVs you will need for your business.

 Are you looking to have a collage of TVs, maybe a row of 5 for a TV menu, or a 3×3 square for a graphing setup? You will need to determine the amount of abuse the TV will get and the distance from the viewer. If you get a 75 inch LG OLED TV for a high traffic area, you may experience damage to the screen over time. So maybe a set of 50 inch TVs paired together or a 75″ TCL TV would be a better choice. If the location sees a low traffic volume, then a higher quality TV is worth the cost. 

What connections do I need for my TV?

 You will need to determine how many connections you’ll need to connect to the back of the TV once mounted. Some TV mounting companies charge for the additional service; some do not. So if you have a PlayStation, DVD player, Roku, or others, be aware this may be an additional charge. Even though, in most cases, this is something you could do yourself.

How should I mount my TVs in my commercial business?

 That’s a great question. Getting the right TV mount placement is much different in an office than in a residential home. When mounting a TV in a business, the main concerns are the location and building structure. Most commercial buildings have metal studs. Mounting a TV with metal studs is more difficult than mounting a TV into wooden studs. I would highly recommend not using a full-motion bracket with metal studs. The soft metal studs can’t hold up the TV’s weight. 

 There are also other options when mounting a TV in your business. A personal favorite for most business owners is the hanging roof mount. It’s the perfect way to hang your tv from the ceiling. Here’s our recommendation for a ceiling TV mount with a shelf. Hanging ceiling mounts are also best suited for restaurants. 

 The most common bracket used when mounting a TV in a business is a tilting bracket. We find the Onn Tilting brackets from Walmart are the highest quality and lowest price of all the other mounts we’ve tried. These are the most common style of mounts and do very well with almost all TVs.

 Using a full-motion TV bracket in a business can be good and bad news. The good news is that you can rotate the TV in multiple directions. The bad news is that so is everyone else. Again if this is a high traffic area, I would avoid using something people can play with. However, if you’re able to use a full motion bracket, they are very useful. 

How to find a TV mounting company you can count on. 

 This part can be challenging. When choosing a TV installation service, you need to be aware of this person’s skill level and knowledge. With the spike in demand for TV mounting rising, the issue is untrained, and unfamiliar tv installers are out there trying their best to earn your business. The thing is, anything can happen. You want to trust that if something does happen, it will be fixed.

 Big stores like handy, Best Buy, TaskRabbit, Yelp, and Thumbtack are that these companies hire these unskilled laborers to install your expensive TV in your business. It’s simply a recipe for disaster. 

 Use local companies such as to install TVs in your business instead. Not only is Handy Andy TV Mounting a reputable company with thousands of reviews, but they also treat you with respect and make sure to show up when they are scheduled.